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Tree Removals

* Tree Removal / Tree Cutting / Tree Felling / Tree Trimming


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Tree Removals – Yes that’s what we do best! We are Auckland Tree Removals!

Auckland Tree Removals is specialised in cutting trees and removing trees that are dangerous or dying or have grown too big for the location. Removing a big trees from residential area often requires a lot of arborist skills to avoid damage to the owner’s property, neighbours property, water pipes, power lines and other plantations nearby. In particularly confined spaces, the tree can be lowered down in small sections using specialised roping techniques, cherry pickers and even helicopters. With appropriate tools and experience, our qualified and experienced arborists are able to remove all types of trees in all kind of locations without unnecessary damages.

Our arborists are experienced and careful, and will look after your trees and property to the highest professional level.

The most common trees we remove are:

Macrocarpa / Pine / Palms / Norfolk Pine / Pittosporum / Rubinia / Grisilinia / Acmena / Liquid Amber / Magnolia / Poplar  / Pohutukawa / Bamboos / Puriri / Gum Tree / Oakes / Titoki / Fruit Trees


* Emergency Tree Removal Services – 24 Hour Emergency Tree Call Out

At Auckland Tree Removals, we provide a 27 hour emergency tree cutting or tree removals call out service.

Our 24 hour emergency call out covers anything from tree damaged by wind, unsafe trees, fallen trees blocking roads or access points.

Auckland Tree Removals emergency 24 hours tree removal service provides reassurance and peace of mind when it comes to dealing with dangerous or problematic trees that need to be dealt with promptly.

Contact Auckland Tree Removals, please call, text or email us for a free quote

Tel: 09 480 6540 / 021 686854


See some of our examples of tree works

Macadamia trimming – before and after

tree prunning before tree pruning after

Emergency Tree Removal

emergency tree job auckland

Big tree felling at Greenhite

golf course tree removals auckland, golf course tree mantainance

Remove problem tree that has grown around the drain

problem tree removals auckland

Massive tree cutting

auckland qualified arborist tree work

Emergency tree cutting called by insurance company

dangerous tree removals auckland

Huge tree removals for a  residential property

poplar removal auckland Auckland Tree Removals tree work progress

Cutting tree back from the power lines

tree works around power lines

Tree rings for a special event

Auckland Tree Removals fire wood wooden plates

Gum tree removal

gum tree removals

Pine tree removal


Land Clearance

treescape tree cutting tree doctor

Arborist getting ready for tree cutting

huge tree cutting down auckland tree removals


The Perfect Hedge

Hedge work Auckland, Hedge trimming auckland, Hedgeman Auckland, Hedge cutting Auckland

Call Auckland Tree Removals now and yes we trim hedges too!

Stump Grinding

auckland tree work, ,stump grind auckland, auckland tree removal from power line, tree cutting auckland, arborist auckland

Call Auckland Tree Removals now yes we do stump grinding too!

We do tree works all over Auckland!

auckland tree work, tree services auckland, arborist auckland

Tree works and services in central, west, east and south Auckland

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