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Tree Work Management – Check Before You Chop

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If you want to remove, prune or even work near a tree, you may need a resource consent. It’s important that you check before you carry out any tree work.  Contact Auckland Tree Removals now to see what restrictions apply to trees on your property. We can guide you through the tree removal consent process and look after all your tree work needs.


* General tree protection rules / Council Tree Removal Consent

After confusion over an amendment to the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA), a decision by the Environment Court in 2011 has meant that a number of general tree rules in the RMA have continued to be enforced.

We have revised the extent of the general tree protection rules for Rodney, North Shore and a portion of the old Auckland City Council area. This was as a result of a recent government proposal to amend RMA tree provisions, the upcoming Unitary Plan and proceedings in the Environment Court.

Your tree may be protected because:

  • it is scheduled (on the list of notable trees in the district plan)
  • it is protected as part of a condition on a resource consent
  • it is protected by a covenant or consent notice on the title
  • general tree protection rules may still apply to your area.

Cutting or removing protected trees can incur a fine under the RMA. To avoid this, contact our professional tree wok specialists and quality arborists for advice, we can guide you through how to apply for a resource consent if necessary.


The Perfect Hedge

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Call Auckland Tree Removals now and yes we trim hedges too!

Stump Grinding

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Call Auckland Tree Removals now yes we do stump grinding too!

We do tree works all over Auckland!

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Tree works and services in central, west, east and south Auckland

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