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Tree Pruning / Tree Maintenance

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Tree pruning can not only have your garden looking great but also give your tree a new lease of life.  Auckland Tree Removals provides professional tree pruning services. It’s always better to start pruning and trimming your trees in earlier days so that you have a well shaped tree at the right height for the property, it’s also easier to maintain the trees after professional tree pruning.

We also do fruit tree pruning too, we know what the best time of the year to trim your fruit trees, also how much to trim your fruit trees so that your fruit trees will be healthier and produce better and more fruits for the upcoming seasons.


The Perfect Hedge

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Call Auckland Tree Removals now and yes we trim hedges too!

Stump Grinding

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Call Auckland Tree Removals now yes we do stump grinding too!

We do tree works all over Auckland!

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Tree works and services in central, west, east and south Auckland

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